Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Making a Paper Bag album and small haul


  1. very cute! You have put me in the scrapbooking mood. Hmmmm, what can I put off so I can concentrate on ME?...maybe making dinner, KFC sounds good, right?

  2. i have done some bags like this when i was in my master's program for teaching. great for getting kids involved! but i have never seen this with a flap and a closer. I love it. what a fun blog you have. thanks for sharing all of your ideas. I found you from these creative juices.

    Do you mind me asking what you have in your bowl with your glue gun when you are gluing? very curious. :)

  3. My bowl with my glue gun...it is actually just a small plate. I had one that didnt match my set anymore so I just have my glue gun just sit on it. It is covered with glue drippings! :)